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12:20 AM

My first-ever self-help book is finally out after almost half a year of working on it!

After conceptualizing, writing, editing, revising, editing, and designing of book cover, I have to face another challenge: uploading of files. I thought it was that easy not until errors had been detected because of formatting. Because it was my first time to self publish a book, I'm not sure what to do even though I've read the Style Guide more than twice. It was really a hassle to manual format the interior, but it was all worth it.

However, I should have announce a day later than my target date. Next time, I know what to do.

Anyway, WHY BREAKUP SHOULD NOT BREAK YOU aims to help broken-hearted people to finally move forward, move on, and let go to face the "real" world after someone rips their heart. It is currently available as eBook. Purchase then download the file format compatible to your mobile device or to you desktop. It is available in ePub, Sony Reader (LRF), Kindle (.mobi), Palm Doc (PDB), PDF, RTF, and Plain Text.

Purchase eBook here.

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