Why Breakup Should not Break You, out this February

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After months of thinking what book to publish, I finally have one to release this month. The time when Miley Cyrus did the twerking, this random thought had popped in my head “Why breakup should not break you”. The changes both in her image and her performance quite made me think she’s hurting because of the breakup with Liam Hemsworth. While I’m not sure if the changes are because of that devastated event of her life, I believe not only her undergo with those changes after a relationship cuts off.

I admit that Miley is one of the inspirations in writing my first-ever self-help book entitled Why Breakup Should not Break You: Life is not just about having a romantic relationship. But 2 years ago I really would like to write a story related to breakup and suicide. I don’t have the statistics to prove how many lives have been taken after the painful breakup, but for me this can be avoided which is my aim in coming up with this book.

I may not be a love expert or a psychologist, but I understand that there is more to come after each breakup. I believe there is happiness awaits everyone being left. It’s heartbreaking; it leaves wound; it crashes your world, but then pain shall pass. Want to know more about breaking up and moving on? I share them with you in my book. It will be available at Smashwords and Amazon this month. Paperback copy will be available tentatively in June 2014.

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