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Writing may be my professional career, and sometimes I wonder if this is really my passion. Indeed, it is in a portion of my heart and mind that writing is the profession I want to pursue up to date although I know I am not really good at it, considering that my English is not that perfect. (Anyway, education is a continuous process, so I better keep on learning the language.) This profession also leads me to thinking about my skills apart from the letters that I have to write on paper and word processor.

You know, when you are alone and in the midst of nowhere after the what you consider the most devastating day of your life, you suddenly remember the past prior to that unpleasant event. This is exactly what I’m feeling in the past few months of contemplating my future as single.

Next year I plan to buy my long-time dream: drum set, keyboard, and violin. When I was in elementary and high school, whenever we had to write a song that we had to present in class I always ended up composing the lyrics and just borrowed the melodies from popular songs during those time. Luckily, the groups I was in always got the highest grades and the loudest claps in the classes I belonged.

So there, I want to continue this talent of mine. I would like to give myself a chance to bring it out again and this time with music on my own. I am not a keyboardist or a pianist; I just know how to read basic music sheets. However, I believe I can develop my skills and later on become good at it then master the craft after years of playing the instruments.

Perhaps not all would believe that I was once a drummer. It was, and it still is, my dream, so I enrolled in a music school and got my first drum sticks that I would slam on the drums. It was really a great feeling that I finally played drums. When one of my high school teachers learned that I know how to play the instrument, I became the drummer in school. However, for some reason, I was replaced by my male classmate who I taught on how to read musical drum notes.

I admit he became really far better than I. He had all the luxury of time to practice during those days not to mention his eagerness to really become an expert. He had the instrument or he could pay for drum set rental fee. Well, as for me I was his opposite, especially when I learned that I was being replaced. My dream was already in my hands but just suddenly slipped away; so, I started to let go of my passion that I never played the instrument again.

But then, I promised to myself that I will buy a drum set no matter what. Believe me, it was 12 years ago since I said it. That’s why next year I really want to have it by hook or by crook. Oh well, I really hope so.

Violin, oh I love violin. Every glide of the bow on the strings produces soothing sound forming a pleasing melody. I also love to learn to play this. I feel like it will give me a relaxing feeling even I’m in the middle of the crowd. I actually can’t stand being the center of attraction or dealing with a big crowd. But perhaps when I start to play this instrument, I would forget that I’m surrounded by people.

What’s also I like about violin is the fact that I can carry it anywhere I go without feeling the hassle. Before I used to bring my guitar in school, and it was kind of hard to carry it with me considering that I was skinny, oh well I am still, and short during my high school days.
Oh, those days! If I were given a chance to go back in the past, I would definitely choose the time where I am playing drums as well as keyboard and guitar. I would like to be there and would never stop playing until I know I master them. But since bringing myself literally back in the past is impossible, I just have to remind myself with this passion of mine and to start chasing.

Yes, I’m already 32 years old but I believe in music, age doesn’t matter. I know it’s not too late for me to excel in my passion for music, but I have to start all over the soonest.

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