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I once again get hooked in singing. It was one of my hobbies I had quite neglected in the past 5 years, but here I am again although my so-called golden voice has already faded away. I can still sing, but not as good as when I was still studying.

As you can see on the right sidebar, I have more than 10 cover songs that I have uploaded on Sound Cloud. (I hope you can feel the spirit in me! Way to go, Prudence Charlz!) They are, I consider, my favorite songs and can somewhat speak my mood on the day I recorded them.

Without further ado, my reason in writing this post is to share with you how this hobby becomes the way to know other singers from the other side of the world. I met them on Twitter when they started following me and had a few exchanges of tweets and direct messages. One of the American singers I met on the said social network is Mikey Wax. (I just hope he’s the real Mikey Wax, hehehe, if you know what I mean).

Anyway, I feel like he’s a very approachable one, kind, and, of course, a good singer. I heard five of his songs, which by the way I got them for free through him, and I keep on playing them with my laptop and smartphone.
The five of his songs that I've been listening to are California Skies, In Case I Go Again, How it Feels, You Tell Me When, and Counting on You. Among the five, In Case I Go Again is my most favorite. I love both the music and lyrics, not to mention Mikey’s voice. I also love Counting on You because it makes me sway and sing along, even though I don’t memorize the lyrics yet. Haha!

If you want to hear the songs, kindly visit this site http://www.mikeywax.com. Join him on Facebook http://facebook.com/mikeywax.

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