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There are five different blogs to feature today in which the five Entrecards widgets are found at five blogs of five bloggers who constantly visiting Every-Witchy Way. (So much of the five, right?) Without further ado, I would like to give this floor to them.

From Some Assembly Required, which has a latest post entitled Day 819, I found Tambokekoy. This blog has literally different recipes that would drive your curiosity. Instead of just looking at the photos of the finished product, might as well try the recipes to taste for yourself. Tambokekoy is owned by George Harris. So, visit and meet the cook, I mean the blogger at "A blog for all things delicious!" By the way, don't miss to check the Chicken with Sweet Pepper recipe.

If one is interested in photo effects, text effects, or graphic effects as a whole Picture to People (P2P) might a blog to visit at. Picture to People bought an Entrecard slot to Another Fine Meal where to read a post about Healthy Fruits and Veggie Snacks. P2P has tips on graphic effects, which some of us would like to use when editing a photo or an image. To know if you what you need could be found on this blog, try dropping by at Picture to People.

Moving to another blog, Joe Taxpayer (with latest post 26 Surprising Facts about Speeding Tickets) brought me to a travel blog Happy Steps. For backpackers or globetrotters, Happy Steps is blog to visit. It bring you to one country to another, with travel tips and best place to visit. The blog also contains transportation information as well as travel deals and promo. Does it sound interesting? Let's all grab our mouse, and move to Happy Steps after reading this whole post.

Another blog to satisfy our taste buds is recipe buzz! with its latest post Mel's Delectable Delicacy. In this blog, I was able to locate Living the Gourmet of Catherine. The photo on each recipe would let you stop for a moment so you could take a look it. But it is advisable to visit Living the Gourmet when you are full or while eating as you might feel hungry after browsing. As for me, it made me crave for Strawberry Tart and Black Bean Chili.

Confessions of a Wannabe Writers is now on its 389 Children Of The Moon: Waxing. Chapter 1 (9) and where I discover a lonely planet it is not. At glance, you would say it's a travel blog. But it is more on various photos taken from various places of a particular things in which the author would like to share his thoughts or experiences with just limited words. Do you want to join him hunting for photos? I don't if you could, but I'm sure you are welcome to visit a lonely planet it is not.

Thank you as well to:
Cafe Japan, latest post: The Coming of Age Ceremony
The Fabulous Food Blog, latest post: FABPOST#22 Cannel├ęs (Typical Bordeaux Cakes)
Global Trading Web, latest post: Getting New Air Conditioner or Repairing the Old One?
David's Musings, latest post: Former IED Dog May Be Put Down By Marine Corp
Daily Green Ideas, latest (untitled) post: Check if there are any water leaks ...

for visiting Every-Witchy Way. Hope to see you again here.

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