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Last October 30, 2011, I got two books to read. One has short stories, while the other consists of poems.

It would drag you to read from first page to last, as you would want to read more of the short stories and poems written by Dieter Moitzi.

"Miss Otis Regrets. And other short stories." is sort of compilation of short stories, with Miss Otis regrets (she's unable to lunch today) as the first story in the 28-page book of Moitzi. But The Train really caught my attention. For US$6 (US$8 for Kindle edition available at, you could enjoy reading 8 short stories.

"You Say" is my favorite among the poems in the "And Somewhere Under". I still have to read them all and pick my next favorite. Anyway, it has 46 poems to choose from. The 62-page book of poems would only cost US$6 at Smashwords and US$8 for Kindle edition at Amazon.

You can grab the copies online, anytime and anywhere so long as you have Internet connection. By the way, you have many options on the format of the book, mine are in PDFs.

Here are the titles of the books by Dieter Moitzi. Miss Otis Regrets. And Other Short Stories and And Somewhere Under.

Enjoy reading. :)


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  1. Prudence, you're just too sweet for words! Thanks a lot for reading my books and for commenting in this space! I send you the best fom arctic-cold Paris, kisses 'n' hugs, D.


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