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I know, I was absent for 3 months and all I could do was to approve all the ad request to be posted on my Entrecard widget. I was hoping I had more time to blog; however, it was really hard to spare time to write on Every-Witchy Way given my "super" busy schedule in the past 3 months. But then again, I could not pass this day without saying thank you to those who have visited Every-Witchy Way.

Again, I would to say thank you very much to:

1. Some Assembly Required
2. RothMania!
3. JoeTaxpayer
4. Confessions of a Wannabe Writer
5. Global Trading Web
6. Another Fine Meal
7. recipebuzz!
8. Cafe Japan
9. education blog
10. Jordasche Kingston

Thank you for visiting Every-Witchy Way despite my absence and having no time to drop by to your blog.

May I also take this opportunity to visit these Web sites as well after visiting the 10 blogs of people who are constantly supporting yours truly.

If you are up for travelling, I bet you are looking for gears, equipment, accessories, etc. There is a Web site that would help you find the things you need for camping and hiking, not to mention that you will find caravan, 4WD, and fishing needs in this Web site. Camping Bug is an online store designed for those who love any of these 5 activities. But kindly don't forget to look at the logos for each category. They are truly lovely and funny. Hope you could give me some feedback about the bugs you will find in the Web site.

Another Web site for travellers is BagUp (formerly Tour About). You can share your travelling experiences in this site and connect with your friends and see where they had been. The site in currently on its Beta version. Oh, I would also highly appreciate if you could provide feedback on the network map you will find in the Home page.

For people who love buy or sell toys, up4bid is the place for you. In this Web site, you could auction your toys, but it is actually not limited to toys. It could be related to games or comics. You will understand it better if you will visit the site. Right now, there are several items in the auction you could buy. Kindly let me know what do you think about its logo.

I really appreciate you comment and feedback, hope to see them here after reading this entry.

Thank you again for visiting Every-Witchy Way. - Prudence Charlz

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Thank you for your comments! Have a nice day!

Keep visiting Every-Witchy Way.

Prudence Charlz

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