Reminiscing on Blog Entries

5:57 PM

After visiting more than 200 blogs yesterday, I browsed my Every-Witchy Way to see how I improve in promoting other blog and web sites and, at the same time, my writing.

I must say, I am improving.

As I continued reading my entries, I stopped by some of the posts that have comment/s. It is great to know that there are people who take time to read. Whenever there are people who leave their comments or messages, I am glad that I have a chance to communicate with others from different parts of the world.

There was an entry about how thankful and glad that Prudence Charlz mentioned in other web site and I think it is time to search again my name in two major search engines and see if there are more who appreciate Prudence Charlz. And by doing this, I could send my gratitude to them.

Another entry that I took time reading again is What is it Like Being Benjamin Button. I feel like it was not me who wrote it. I could not remember how I was able to put those words. But, of course, I know I am the one who wrote it. After all, I'm the only author here in my blog.

Tomorrow's another blog and web site hunting. Hmm, or I could also look for other stuffs.

Enjoy reading.

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Thank you for your comments! Have a nice day!

Keep visiting Every-Witchy Way.

Prudence Charlz

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