Love Me, or Love Me Not

9:41 AM

It’s incredible to know that most of us have unexceptional love for cats, dogs, and other animal creatures. Loving them shows how we give importance to life. Hearing stories about pets or animals is such a wonderful pastime.

Consider Love of a Pet in the list of blogs about pets. You will find stories of our blogger’s daily experience in taking care of CheyAnna. Join him in his journey with his pets plus several photos of his charming cats and dogs that would catch your eyes and heart.


Just last week, we’ve got new babies. Taiga and Yukantu have new home. They are so lovely and love sleeping in the drawer (it was their hideout but not anymore since we found them hiding there).

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  1. wow! so cuteeeeeeeee! i got my cat too. he is so tiny like a keychain.hahah

  2. Hi Sarah! Yes, they are so cute. :) And they always love milk time.

    Glad to know you've got a cat too. What is his name?


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