Are You In or Out of the Box?

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Most of the companies and organization worldwide are busy on focusing on their business strategy. However, not all the strategies succeed. And when failure comes on their way, surely this word joins them: BLAME.

Who was inefficient? Who did not deliver the strategy well? Who was responsible? See everyone pointing their finger to anyone just to save themselves. Yeah, some would take the responsibility.

In my two days of workshop, I realize why in some point in time in my work I became a burden to my coworkers. The workshop bring in the "box" and describe how this affects each person, not only in workplace, but as well as in the family.

While we are busy seeing people as the ones not cooperating, as the ones bad, as the ones impolite, and so on and so forth, we forgot to look at ourselves and see why people around us acted that way especially toward us.

I learn that when a person sees people as an object, he/she doesn't see them clearly as people. That's when this person is "in the box." Arbringer Institute has published "Leadership and Self-Deception" that tells a story of a man (Tom), a manager, hired by a company (Zagrum) and after a month of working in the company he able to discover why the company he's presently working is successful not just because of merely taking it as a business, but learning and understanding what "in the box" and "out of the box" mean.

And while he's discovering the secret of company's success and what he was in a month when he joined the company, he has also able to take away the long suffering he has in his family and seeing clearly that he is the problem. The box has save his relationship with his wife and son, as well as his relationship with each coworkers in Zagrum.

If you're company is interested to discover the box in you, you may spend two days or three days in this workshop and be amazed by the changes it would bring to your organization and your family.

Contact me at and I'll assist you to see the box.

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