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Last Wednesday, I was able to talk to my sister-friend, who's currently in Singapore, (she’s actually my friend, but treat each other as a sister) through ym. She was seeking for an advice about her plan to change her career. She wants venture to an art-related job to an art-related company since she felt a little bored in spending for more than five years into a non-profit organization. Even though she enjoys the work in a NGO, still she wants to take the career path that she loves. So, when she browsed the net and found two different works, one is related to her degree and the other one is the work she loves to learn and grow with.

I told her, she it would be better to move to another company only if she thinks she would love the tasks. Submit her resume only to the jobs she thinks she will perform well and she will fit to the culture.

When she told me the posts and the descriptions, I know that in an editor post she’s absolutely qualified and will perform, but then she might feel bored with the topics she would be writing in case she would be hired. And then I said, 'You may still submit your resume and see what's the publication really is. You won't know unless you discover. And besides, nothing's final yet, after the interview and if they find you qualified then accept you, you may still think if you want to sign contract with them or not." On the other hand, junior copywriter post is a job that she most likely will start from scratch, but then she has this eagerness to learn and she believes that she has the skills in writing superb ad or catchy selling point. And what she likes about is she will be working with artists particularly with graphic artists.

And you know what? She submitted her resume in both jobs, but she knows well that she will choose the junior role over the senior role in case, but then she still wants to explore more.

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