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How many of us who are really fond of our nephews and nieces? But only few of us treat them like our own sons and daughters. And where do I belong, to few or to many? Since we couldn’t be in two places at the same time, I belong to few.

Before college graduation my sister gave birth to a baby boy and I, who really not fond of babies and kids at that time, was excited to see my nephew. And from then on, I started to learn how to nurture a baby. I was always excited to feed him, to change his nappy, to make him smile and laugh, and to embrace him.

After eight months, I received my college diploma. Though I want to work right after that big event in my life, I remained beside him. That was the time I realized I’m learning to become a mother, the thing I never dreamt of.

Right now, he is 7 years old and I’m still looking after him even though I'm busy with my work. And admittedly, we have less talk, less play, and less time spend together, but surprisingly love is more. And what great is that he treats me as if I’m his mother and that's why I'm calling myself as single mother-auntie.

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