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There's nothing more fun than working at the convenience of your home. It is like you are the boss even though you have to deal with immediate superior through email, instant messaging or voice call. At first, you will just work on any corner of your house. Then eventually you conquer the most comfortable space (which also brings the best in you) and start building your home office.

It's time now for home office design!

There are many blogs and other websites in the Internet that would help you with artistic and convenient design, but Dagmar's Momsense's blog post My Dream Home: 12 Creative Home Office Ideas last February 22 seems to compile the best home office space designs that wake and calm your nerves.

Mommy Dagmar stays home for her family and work. This [probably] inspires her from locating the 12 of office spaces and she claims they are her dream home.

If you plan working from home a long-term engagement, building a convenient space in your home is essential along with your computer, fast internet connection, and comfortable seat.


It took me hours before I finally found Dagmar's Momsense's blog post since I could not remember in what Internet browser did I bookmark it. I tried locating it through search engine and guess possible keywords, but I was unsuccessful.

Before I remembered where I bookmarked it, I
came to browse various websites that would spice up our work from home status. To get things done, probably You the Designer has some useful ideas you need to start off with your own office at home.

One of Smashing Share's posts provides tips that would help you to finishing your office tasks
at home than having I-am-home-so-I-can-sleep-anytime-before-working syndrome. Putting your character and type of work together in your small space would lead you to meeting your deadlines.

You might also want to take care of your place. By keeping it clean, tidy, and organize, it adds energy to your mind and body. (I don't know, but probably it really affects your work since what you are seeing might reflects on your work). Being organized makes it easy to get things when you know where you put them. I let you visit Life Hacker since it has more of organizing tips.

I assume that you have more papers in your home office (or even in any parts of your house). I found two web sites talk about "paperless home." Taiga Company website and Simple Mom have different set of tips for this, but when I read them, they are both useful.

Enjoy web visiting! Hope you find all worthy to read. Please let me know if they are.

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